Is there no such thing as privacy anymore?

May 23, 2006

No, I’m not talking about Homeland Security and spying—we frequent hotel guests are a pretty demanding bunch when it comes to being free from unwanted visitors to our rooms, noise from the ice machine next door, and all that. Larry Mundy is always funny, but he outdoes himself in this editorial on the very topic of guest privacy in hotels. This is an especially hot button for me right now, seeing as I just got back from staying at an otherwise fabulous hotel whose housekeeping staff kept bursting in on me (or trying to—I learned pretty quick to throw the deadbolt even if I was just in the room for a few minutes). I especially liked this bit:

    And hanging inside the lock is the Ultimate Weapon: the little plastic hang-tag that on one side says “Privacy, Please, We Are Newlyweds” and on the other side says “Please Make Up This Room, We Had Our First Fight And Threw Things.” The “Privacy, Please” tag will repel even the most determined housekeeper for days, until the adjoining guest who swears she heard gunshots begins to complain about odd smells. Newlyweds can be so volatile.

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