WiFi spotting and yet more airline fees

May 25, 2006

Here’s some excellent scoopage from the MeCo (short for Meetings Community) Google group:

jwire.com is a cool site where you can find the WiFi hotspots all over the place–just plug in the city/state, and you’re good to go. Also works for airports. Excellent.

And this (I don’t know where the poster got this from or I’d link to the original site):

    In an never ending quest to find new ways to separate the traveler from his/her money, airlines are now charging fees for such items as scuba equipment, surf boards, bicycles and other sporting gear. Regardless of weight, many airlines no longer include them as part of the luggage allowance and can impose anywhere from $25 to $150 to stow them on board. The problem is, the new policy is random, both by airline and within each airline. You may not be charged going, but you may be charged on your return, or vice-versa. So far, golf clubs and skis are exempt. Why? No one is saying but probably because the perception is that golfers and skiers are affluent business types who carry more weight (no pun intended) in the overall scheme of things.

The best advice they offer is to check curb-side, since “porters are less likely to impose fees than airline staffers.”


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